Madison Ruppel



The Task:

I was given a pre-exisiting company and tasked with a twofold project - to rebrand the logo and branding, and then design and code a new website.

Boise Art Museum is located in downtown Boise, Idaho, a town of almost a quarter million in the PNW. They’re apart of a series of museums and cultural attractions inside Julia Davis Park, and are an important part of the community.


Brand guidelines:

I wanted to create something very bright, fun, and playful, while also still being able to be versatile, as arts promotions can be very varied. After creating the logo, I decided to create an icon set to be used for the website as well as branding.

brand guidelines-01.png

Logo ideation:

For a long time I thought I would create a logo that played off the architecture of the museum, which was something I noticed in a lot of other museum logos implemented. After some cleaner sketches, I decided to go with fun letters instead of sharp architectural angles. I cut the letters out and then scanned that image, and then played with it to try and get the shapes to feel organic but even.


Website concepts:

You can visit a coded version of this website here! I wanted to try something a bit more experimental. The icons I created become objects on the webpage that could be moved around and resized. While I wanted something fun, I also wanted something very accessible and intuitive to use, as museums service a wide variety of tech users. The goal is that users can immediately find the information they’re seeking in the beginning, but then will find additional information that draws them in, and will leave with a plan to visit the museum.


Poster Extensions:

I also wanted to explore how this brand could be simplified to promote a wide variety of exhibits.